The Club

Icure Health is a health club that has been servicing to lots of members over the years. We have seen members come by and go. One thing is for sure, they come here with a goal in mind and they go out to achieve their goals with us. This is our mission. This is what keeps us going all throughout these years. With the help of the team of professionals, we can truly say, we are doing a great job.

Icure Health Future And Beyond

Our team of professionals is attending workshops, seminars and studying the latest updates of fitness and in health, to ensure that we are up on our toes and are not behind. Whatever we have learned that are effective and applicable to our members, we will implement. This is benefit all our members and would be members. Apart from that, we will be purchasing state of the art fitness equipment and improve our facilities as the years go by in order to fit the demands of our members.

For membership inquiries, you could always stop by and call us. Our friendly staff will be more than willing to take your call and answer your queries. What are you waiting for? Call now!

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